Blocked Drains

Your blocked drains can go from bad to worse very fast – they need fixing just as quickly

Drains can clog up for any number of reasons.

When they do, you just want them fixed as quickly as possible.

The mess can spread anywhere in the house AND the smell can be something awful.

Not only that, it’s unhealthy and almost impossible to have your kids around.

You can’t afford to wait very long to get them fixed.

BUT when you get a plumber they should have:
* the experience to track down what’s causing it
* and the equipment with them to stop the flow and fix it.

You should be calling someone who knows what they’re doing

You need a plumber licensed or registered with the VBA
. They have the experience, training and qualifications to resolve the problem.

They will know how to track down the cause of the blockage and where it is occurring. That is not always so easy to work out.

In the end, your blockage could be anywhere and for any number of reasons:

  • food scraps and/or congealed grease or fat that has piled up in the kitchen sink drain. No matter how careful you are this can still happen over time.
  • lint or detergent residue from the washing machine that has built up in the laundry pipes.
  • hair and soap scum build up in the bathroom shower, basin or bath drains despite the strainers you have in place.
  • using the toilet to flush undissolvables like facial tissues, cotton balls, make-up pads, sanitary products or nappies.
  • leaves, dirt and other debris that have piled up in your stormwater drains.
  • tree roots growing into the sewer or stormwater drains anywhere on your property.

And the plumber you call will need the right equipment on hand as well

There’s no point the plumber arriving at your place, figuring out what the problem is and then not having the right equipment on board, or not be able to get it onsite quickly to make the fix.

The “right equipment” obviously depends on what the problem is and can include any of the following:

PlumberMelbourne4u have the best plumbers with the right equipment

If you need help in Melbourne with your blocked drains, plumbermelbourne4u can unclog them quickly with properly equipped plumbers who know what they’re doing.

For an immediate response, call us now.

Looking for more info on the equipment we use?

Sewer Drain/Pipe Camera

A drain camera is a special closed circuit television (CCTV) plumbing camera.

Using these can take away all the guesswork and save on digging up a lot of earth unnecessarily. They are placed down your sewer or stormwater drain pipe to see what’s causing your blockage and how far down the pipe it’s occurring.

Knowing the cause will identify the fix required.

The camera will tell whether:

  • it’s tree roots that have broken into the pipe.
  • the pipe has collapsed for whatever reason.
  • adjoining pipes have become misaligned.
  • silt etc has builtup.
  • there’s a foreign object in the pipe.

Not only does the camera help with the emergency clearing of the blockage but it also identifies the root cause and the repair work required to prevent reoccurrences of the problem.

Photos taken may also help you with insurance claims or when dealing with utility companies.

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Electric drain machines or electric eels

These machine have a flexible steel rod with a cutter on the end powered by an electric motor.

They will clear any obstacle in a drain and in particular, cut and remove stubborn/thicker tree roots.

There are limits to the length of the cable but most blockages around a home can be reached and dealt with using the closest inspection point.

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Hydro-jet Drain Cleaners (Jetters)

Jetters use high pressure water to clear blockages.

The hydro-jet pumps high pressure water out of the end of a small nozzle attached to a hose.

When placed into the drain, it propels itself through the pipe, and clears out any obstacles as it moves along.

Jetters can be used for clearing of sewer and stormwater drains clogged with softish materials like grease, sewage, dirt, leaves, silt or fine tree roots. They are often used for kitchen sinks full of grease and fats.

Whilst they might struggle with stubborn tree roots, jetters do have a greater reach than the electric drain machines. AND they have the added advantage of being able to go around plastic gully traps. This avoids the need for digging excavation holes to get within reach of a blockage.

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Plungers and Augers (Snakes)

Sometimes, unclogging a drain can be as simple as using a plunger or if that doesn’t work using an Auger. You don’t always need the high tech stuff to fix a blockage.

No professional plumber would be without them in their toolkit.

Just to explain briefly.

An auger has a turning handle at one end attached to a metal wire that has a coiled device (“snake”) at the other end.

The snake end is inserted into the drain and the handle turned until it encounters the blockage. It either churns through and breaks up the blockage or hooks onto a solid object that with care can be pulled back and taken out of the drain. Click here for the full process.

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