Plumbing Emergency at Home? Your First Action

Plumbing Emergency at Home? The First Action You Should Take

You’ve taken all the precautions but it’s finally happened. You have a plumbing emergency on your hands. It could be that water is streaming across the floor in your laundry or there’s water gushing metres in the air in the front lawn.

Whether you can fix it yourself or will need to call in PlumberMelbourne4u there is one action you need to take first, before anything else.

You’ll need to stop the flow of water immediately

Turning off the flow of water will depend on what’s happening.

If you can see the water is coming from a particular fixture or appliance, turn off the shutoff valve just for that item.

Otherwise you’ll need to go straight to the main water shutoff valve and turn that off.

Do you know where the shutoff valve is?

You can normally find shutoff valves for fixtures underneath sinks and toilets. And they’re usually behind appliances like washing machines and water heaters.

On the other hand, the main water shutoff valve is found on your house water meter which is normally located outside close to the street.

Once found, turning off the shutoff valve is simple

For fixtures and appliances the valve is usually a tap which you turn clockwise to turn off.

In older homes the valve on the main water meter is turned off by way of a tap. All you do is to turn it clockwise until it won’t turn any further. No need to apply any extra force.

In newer homes, a lever or valve handle controls the water flow. When the valve handle is parallel or “in line with” the water piping it is “open” permitting water to flow. The valve is “off” or “closed” or “shut” when the valve is at right angles to the piping. Therefore, move the lever to be at right angles to the piping – this will stop the flow.

So you’ve stopped the water flow, what next?

Your next action depends on your particular situation.

If it’s a problem with an appliance you’ll probably have to call your appliance repair man.

If it’s more a plumbing problem and you have the time, the knowledge/skill and the tools/equipment you’ll likely be trying to fix the problem yourself.

Remember though,if the fix requires plumbing work, in Melbourne (and Victoria) you’ll need to hire a licensed or registered plumber to make the fix.

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