Plumbing Maintenance

Do your Plumbing Maintenance – you’ll save money, stay healthy and avoid aggravation

But let’s face it – plumbing maintenance is boring.

And it costs money up front.

But regular maintenance of your plumbing system will:

  • keep your family healthy
  • avoid or significantly delay all the hassles of any plumbing break down
  • ultimately save you money

And this is the same whether it’s your home or your business.

Does your plumbing system really keep you healthy (and stress free)?

Just think about it.

  • You need running water to take a shower, brush your teeth, wash clothes, do the dishes, have a cup of tea or coffee and so on… a broken water pipe and you have no water – that’s not worth thinking about
  • A crack in your pipes could flood your home or business – life at home would be difficult and it could mean employees can’t work and perhaps loss of business income
  • Water seepage can cause mould or other harmful bacteria to grow – not a healthy environment
  • Problems with toilets and the sewerage system are obviously harmful to your health – untreated sewer issues can become very unsanitary with polluted water that could flow back into your house via the plumbing
  • Hot water is another essential to your daily life – how would it be having to boil the kettle every time you needed to wash the dishes; what about taking a cold shower – not much fun there. There is the risk of burns and scalding if a hot water control thermostat stops working.

Taking plumbing maintenance action NOW, saves you later

You can’t always prevent an emergency happening but equally there are times when doing nothing is not all that smart and times when some preventative plumbing is called for.

Taps Dripping? – fix them now

If your taps are dripping, even if only a little, you could be adding quite a bit to your water bill given the increasing cost of water. It makes no sense to allow dollars to flow down the plughole – it’s a bit like setting fire to dollar bills and no one does that.

Aside from that, you’ll feel better – getting a plumber in to stop the dripping will be saving on a scarce resource (even though there are no water restrictions at the moment).

Have you checked all your taps recently, including the hose points outside?

Slow Clearing Drains or Clogged Drains? – clear them now

Debris can collect in shower, wash basins, sinks and tubs. As this happens you will notice the water drains slower and slower over time – eventually the flow of water will stop and start to backup.

It’s a bit messy but it doesn’t take long to unscrew the strainer and clear it of gunk (debris) as well as any other gunk that is near the top.

Or you could try a plumbers plunger from your local hardware store. Hold the plunger over the drain and run the tap long enough to cover the plunger head with water. Quickly plunge the plunger a few times (6 or 7). If the water doesn’t flow freely first time try the process a couple of more times. If the water is still not clearing quickly it might be time to call in your plumber.

Or perhaps use an auger (also known as a snake). These are available for purchase at your local hardware store. Click here for instructions on how to use them to unclog a sink or a drain.

Every so often use a mild home made or domestic shop purchased drain cleaner. This will help break down the buildup in the drain.

Just in case you don’t know, the home made remedy is environmentally friendly. All you need is baking soda and white vinegar. Pour, say a cup of each down the drain, block the drain opening, wait 2–3 minutes until the fizzing sound dies down and then run hot water into the drain. This may take a few attempts before it works. If not, you’ve lost nothing by having a go.

If it’s still draining slowly, it will pay you to get the plumber in to make sure the build up of debris doesn’t create a total blockage. You don’t want all the grief that goes with a blocked drain.

Got a Running Toilet? – take action now

Over time, the working parts of a toilet wear down – fact of life.

This can lead to running water – the toilet handle sticks and a little jiggle is needed to stop the water flow OR water runs even though you haven’t flushed the toilet. Obviously the water wastage can be a lot – so much more that a leaking tap.

If you take a look and can’t figure out how to fix it, you need to call in plumbermelbourne4u without delay.

Taking action ahead of time saves you

Even if you can’t see something that needs fixing, like a leaky tap, doing regular preventative plumbing maintenance could save you a hefty emergency bill.

It’s like car insurance – when the accident happens you wished you had taken out insurance and kept the premium payments up to date. By then it’s too late though.

On our DIY page you’ll find a whole bunch of actions you can take yourself. But as you know it is illegal in Melbourne to do any plumbing yourself and therefore some preventative plumbing maintenance can only be done by a plumber:

  • Clean Tap/Faucet Aerators – to stop calcium buildup blocking water flow
  • Detecting Water Leaks – beyond what you can see with your own eyes
  • Septic Tank Pump Inspection – to know when pumping is necessary
  • Water Safety Inspection – to make sure your water is clean and unpolluted
  • Water Pressure Test (you could do this yourself but do you know how?)
  • Backflow Testing
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