Water Heater Leaking?

PlumberMelbourne4u Knows How To Fix A Leaking Hot Water Heater

A hot water tank leaking is more than just a minor inconvenience. Even a small puddle of water can be an indication of a problem that could quickly become a water damage catastrophe.

Think you have a leak?

If you suspect your hot water tank is leaking, here’s what to do first:

  • Determine if there is a leak. Sometimes condensation can build up on the tank and drip onto the floor. Feel the outside of the tank to see if it is wet.

  • There are usually a lot of other plumbing fixtures and pipes near a hot water tank. Check to see if one of those is the source of the leak.

  • If it’s a small puddle of water, wipe it up. Check regularly to see if it returns within hours or a day.

Yes – it is a leak

If you discover a large puddle of water, you have a hot water heater tank leaking emergency on your hands and must take immediate action.

Don’t wait for the water to seep into the sub-flooring and make its way into the drywall. That can cause long-term problems like warped flooring, rotting wood and mould. And it will be costly to repair.

Take action and call PlumberMelbourne4u.

We’ll send a licensed plumber to quickly fix your leaking hot water heater before it causes costly, irreversible damage to your floors, drywall and possessions.

Whilst you wait

In the short time (only 30–60 minutes) it will take for one of our plumbers to arrive there are some simple steps you should take:

  • If it is an electric powered unit, locate the circuit box and turn off the breaker

  • If it is gas powered, turn the valve to the off position

  • Shut off the cold water supply to the unit. It is usually located above the hot water heater. If you are not able to find it or safely reach it, turn off the main water supply for the home. Do this at the meter outside, near the street.

Why Call PlumberMelbourne4u?

At PM4u we have the skills and expertise to fix any kind of hot water heater problem. Our Victorian Building Authority (VBA) accredited plumbers can repair, replace or install any kind of hot water heater, unit, system or boiler.

We can handle any of the following:

  • Electric, Gas or Solar Hot Water Heaters
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Instantaneous Water Heaters (Gas or Electric)
  • Gas Boosted and Gas Boosted Solar Powered Water Heaters
  • Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

There are many things that can cause a hot water heater to leak. And that leakage can occur in a number of different places:

  • from the bottom valve
  • from the temperature and pressure relief valve
    onto the pilot light
  • around the thermostat
  • onto the burner
  • from the supply line
  • from the overflow pipe
  • from the bottom of the tank

No matter where that leak is though, our plumber will find it.

You will be satisfied with our work

When you turn to PM4u to fix a leaking water heater, you can do so with confidence.

  • Our plumber will arrive promptly because we understand that any kind of hot water heater leak is a real plumbing emergency.

  • Your plumber will be properly and neatly attired and present a valid VBA identification card with a photo. This means you are working with a licensed or registered professional plumber who is accredited to do the repairs you need.

  • Your plumber will quickly determine the source of the problem. Your options will be thoroughly explained and you’ll be given an estimate on the amount of time needed to repair or replace the hot water heater.

  • You will also be given a plan as to how the work will proceed and only be billed for the job, not by the hour.

  • Only the highest quality materials are used

  • A PM4u plumber always keeps the worksite safe, organized and clean. There will be no messes left behind for you to deal with once the job is finished.

Calling a PlumberMelbourne4u professional in to fix your broken water heater will be a wise decision. You’ll have the extra comfort of being covered by insurance in the unlikely event of faulty materials or workmanship.

Your leaking hot water heater will be fixed quickly

At MelbournePlumber4u we place the highest priority on quickly responding to any water heater leaking emergency.

When it means you could be facing huge water damage repair bills and the terrible inconvenience of not having access to hot water we understand some repairs can’t wait. That’s why you can count on us to be there for you 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The plumbing staff of PM4u are all accredited to ensure they can perform the work you need done. And to do it without delay.

The plumber who comes to your home is trained to repair, install, replace or perform routine maintenance on any kind of hot water heater. And we will give you a written guarantee of quality materials and workmanship once the work is finished.

A hot water heater leaking doesn’t have to be a major home disaster when you take quick action and call PlumberMelbourne4u.

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