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Plumbing Water Safety Inspections – ensures your water stays clean

We can’t do without water.

It’s like air. Without it we can’t survive.

But not just any water – it has to be clean, fresh water.

Waterborne diseases from contaminated water can affect our health in a range of ways – worst case you can die from infection.

So it makes sense to check your water supply is clean.

AND it’s not just clean water we should be concerned about.

Water is scarce – a Water Safety Inspection will find that leak

As a society we need to make sure we’re not wasting water.

But closer to home and the hip pocket. When we personally waste water it’s costing us money AND at increasing rates.

Water bills have risen sharply over the last few years. They will definitely do so into the future.

Don’t spend money on water you’re not using.

Inspecting for Water Safety is so much more than about straight survival

We use water in so many ways around the home, for both essential and convenience reasons:

  • In the kitchen we use it for cooking, cleaning, washing and drinking (10% of total consumption).
  • 15–20% of our consumption happens in the laundry to keep our clothes clean and fresh.
  • bathroom and toilet use amounts to 40%.
  • and the balance of consumption ranges from pools and spas to car cleaning and for the garden. [1]

It goes without saying that life without clean water would be pretty miserable.

[1]These consumtion figures come from Savewater’s article about water use in the home.

But let’s not be alarmist

In Melbourne you know that water from the reservoirs is free from pollutants.

And because of plumbing regulations, the water in Melbourne households is generally clean.

Otherwise there’d be a range of waterborne diseases being reported in the papers and on the TV news.

Why then bother getting a water safety inspection with plumbermelbourne4u?

It’s a peace of mind thing, like insurance:

  • you’ll know your water is clean.
  • that your water plumbing is in good shape for the future.
  • and you have no leaks costing you money.

What does a water safety inspection cover?

We inspect everything that counts:

  • water pipes
  • hot water system
  • taps
  • toilets
  • outdoor plumbing
  • drains

The 21 Point Water Safety Inspection Checklist that covers……………

  1. dripping taps – inside and out.
  2. strainers everywhere – shower, wash basins, bath, sinks and tubs.
  3. any water leaks in any visible internal piping and connections.
  4. any cracks in plumbing fittings.
  5. water pressure of hot and cold taps.
  6. slow draining showers, wash basins, bath, sinks, tubs.
  7. calcium buildup in the shower head.
  8. waste basket in the toilet.
  9. toilet mechanism working ok.
  10. wear and tear state of toilet parts.
  11. odour from the garbage disposal unit.
  12. laundry hoses screwed on tight.
  13. no bulges or wear and tear on laundry hoses.
  14. clean filter on laundry hoses.
  15. stains on your washing or plumbing appliances.
  16. the temperature setting on your water heater.
  17. buildup of leaves, dirt and other debris in outside drains, gutters and downpipes.
  18. holes or rust in the outside guttering.
  19. leaking outside hoses and hose connection.
  20. wet/damp ground outside or near where downpipes go underground.
  21. grass or plants that are greener than in the surrounding area.

But that’s not all, as they say….

During the inspection:
* we unscrew the strainer on slow clearing drains and remove the debris.
* pour some drain cleaner down the sink drain to clear food scum.
* apply drain cleaner to the laundry drain to clear lint and detergent.
* drain 8 or so litres of water from the water heater tank. This flushes out sediment that will eventually cause corrosion.
* we do a thorough inspection of your gas water heater.

Your final report from plumbermelbourne4u will include recommendations for improvement

  • on the best showerhead to use for water savings efficiency
  • whether your toilet is the best for water saving
  • and whether your gas appliances need servicing
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