Signs You May Need a New Plumber in Sydney

Picking the right tradesman for your needs can be a mountain to climb. So many technicians claim to be the best of the best, so it’s important that you don’t get swept up in all their jargon, guarantees and mantras. If you’re currently unhappy with your plumber in Sydney, then you shouldn’t waste time in finding a suitable replacement. A dud tradesman is just going to lead to higher costs and wasted time, precious things you probably can’t afford to spare in your busy life. So, before you start madly search for a new plumber in Sydney, here is a list of signs you should be on the lookout for when evaluating your hired technicians.


Poor communication

Poor communication is one of the worst things a plumber in Sydney can possess. If your technician is consistently ambiguous regarding arrival times, completion times and what exactly the problem is with your pipes or water network, it might be time to part ways. Moreover, if you aren’t comfortable talking to your plumber in Sydney in an honest manner, then they have let you down in some way. It might be time to move on to another contractor and make a fresh start.


They accept only cash

A cash only policy should send serious alarm bells to you as a client. If you haven’t been receiving valid and up to date invoices for services, it can be really hard to contest any work you believe may have been completed to a poor standard. This can cause further stress to you and leave you in a weakened financial position. So, if your plumber in Sydney insists on cash only, it might be time to look for someone who is more flexible with payment arrangements.


They expect you to just believe them

A trustworthy and reputable plumber in Sydney won’t just tell you about the problem with your pipes or the leak in your kitchen sink; they will SHOW you themselves. They won’t expect you to just believe what they say, they’ll show you evidence of where the problem is, why it has occurred and how it can be solved, giving you greater peace of mind. This could include sewerage camera evidence or photos of rusted pipes. A shifty technician will often say that the problem is too complicated for you to understand and to just trust them. Sometimes, this can be a scam to just leak more money out of you. Be wary and ALWAYS ask for an explanation of the problem.



You’ve heard bad things

This may seem obvious but it’s something you should never forget. Make sure you check out the website or online reviews of a particular plumber in Sydney before you make any decision. A poor rating or a string of bad reviews are probably strong enough signs that your professional isn’t exactly the best person for your needs. However, glowing positive reviews peppered across a variety of websites isn’t necessarily the greatest thing either. Sure, a lot of them are probably genuine, however, there is a good chance that some of them are fake, designed to bring in new customers. As a different approach, have a quick chat to your friends about their plumber in Sydney and their experiences. This way, you can wade through some questionable reviews and find a more honest and genuine evaluation.


They are open to other ideas

A professional and transparent technician will be willing to hear your thoughts. Sure, you don’t have the best knowledge or experience, but you may have other concerns that need to be considered. A good professional will always take your point of view into consideration, and above all else, respect your wishes.